SPA Village - Terme di Casciana


Set in the enchanted beauty of the Tuscan hills, with its over one thousand years of history Casciana Terme is one of the many small masterpieces that the people of Tuscany have over the centuries helped to build and to preserve.

spa village tuscany casciana terme

Hard-working people, a cuisine which preserves the authentic quality of the local products, a landscape of vineyards producing wines of quality above suspicion, which are today attracting the notice of the leading Italian viticulturists and wine experts.

At the centre of Casciana Terme is the Piazza, since time immemorial the hub of town life and the many events which go on here, a place to gather for a chat, have an aperitif at the Gran Caffè or at Zia Bruna’s, where designer clothes and casual wear mingle with perfect ease.

Besides the façade of the church, which occupies one side, the main feature of the piazza is the frontal of the Terme di Casciana, designed by the architect Poggi in 1870.

Terme di Casciana is a place in which to enjoy well-being independent of one’s individual needs: psychophysical well-being or classic spa treatments, to prevent or treat pathological conditions or undertake motor rehabilitation for those needing to recuperate after injuries or surgical operations of any kind.

BAGNI DI CASCIANA S.r.l. - Piazza Garibaldi, 9 - 56034 Casciana Terme (PI) - Tel. +39 0587 64461 - Fax +39 0587 644629
P.IVA e Cod. Fisc. 0165072 050 9 -

SPA Village - Terme di Casciana