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spa cosmetics terme casciana

The Cosmetic Line at the Terme di Casciana is particularly effective and fully respectful of the needs of skin-care. Its main characteristic is that of being based on Acqua Mathelda: a Water containing low mineral contents particularly allied to the epidermis and therefore immediately bio-disposable and having scientifically recognized therapeutic and cosmetic properties.

The cosmetic line of the Terme di Casciana is based on the efficacious activity of Acqua Mathelda, enhanced by mixture with natural components of vegetable origin which visibly improve the appearance of the face and body, known as phyto-active crenocosmetics.

A line of products able to solve or be of great assistance to the treatment of all skin blemishes and visibly to improve the appearance of the skin of both face and cosmetic line

Products which enrich and complete the offer both for her and for him are the exfoliating cream for face and body, the tonifying fluid for the breasts, the skin-purifying mask of thermal mud, the anti-wrinkle aftershave and equilibrating drops for the face.

The  line of products exploiting the properties of Acqua Mathelda, until yesterday used exclusively in the Well-being Centre of the Terme di Casciana, are now to be found in many of the world’s best beauty farms, the Dumont Plaza Hotel in New York having been the first in order of time to open its doors to them.

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SPA Cosmetics - Terme di Casciana